Keetec xenon light bulbs

Before the end of 2018, the Keetec brand introduced under its brand (OEM production) light bulbs for original xenon lights with D1S, D2S, D2S, D3S, D4S housing in 6000K / 4300K color (light blue light / white light).

D series meets high standards of product lifespan, luminous flux and fast startup of the light.

The light bulb as light source perfectly fits the focal point a provides an ideal dividing line between light and dark just like an original light bulb. An average lifespan  is approx. 3.000 hours which is for the idea 10 times the halogen light bulb lifespan. It is important that  the light source gets steady properties during the whole lifetime (decline in luminous flux only by 100 lm/100h, 250 lm/500 h and 70% remainder at the end of light bulb lifetime). During the startup of nominal luminal flux 20% is reached withn 0,8 sec. And 80% within 4 sec.

Basic parameters:

Xenon light bulb average lifespan (hours) luminous flux (+/- 100 lm)
V D1S 4300 3 000 3 300
V D2S 4300 3 000 3 300
V D2R 4300 3 000 3 000
V D3S 4300 2 500 3 000
V D4S 4300 2 500 3 000

Keetec xenon light bulbs sold under Mikrouna brand until now rank among top products on the market which is proved by technical parameters and satisfied customers.

Xenon light bulbs are approved by EHK R99 and the manufacturing company complies with the TS 16949 norm which is one of internationally accepted norms.